Bernette Funlock 42

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Bernette Funlock 42


The low cost 4 thread and 3 needle coverstitch machine for professional seams


The Bernette 42 Funlock is a cover stitching machine that has a total of 3 different cover stitches with a width of 2.8 and 5.6 mm and a chain stitch.  With it, you can provide your seams and cuffs with professional stitches, giving your sewing projects the perfect look.  Particularly stretchy fabrics and thin knitwear, these can be perfectly processed with the Bernette 42 Funlock.  The threading of the needles and grippers is child's play thanks to the seperate needle threader and gripper threading mechanics.  And to ensure a good view of your sewing project the Bernette 42 has a bright LED light.


  • 4 thread / 3 needle cover stitch machine

  • Differential transport outside, adjustable during sewing

  • Easy threading through threading paths marked in colour

  • Large working area to the right of the needle......87mm

  • Bright LED Light

  • Manual needle threader

  • Accessories in the gripper cover 



  • Standard presser foot
  • Upper looper converter
  • Manual needle threader
  • Cut-offs bin
  • Needle set
  • Tools and accessories in seperate box
  • Dust cover