Janome Pintuck Foot

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Pintucks are often associated with Heirloom Sewing especially children's clothes and christening gowns. But they can also give a whole new dimension to other aspects of sewing such as bed linen, table linen and other home furnishings. Pin tucks are tiny 'false tucks' created by sewing parallel rows of stitching using a 2mm twin needle.


Using a Pin Tuck foot with the twin needle helps to space the tucks an equal distance apart. It has multiple grooves on the underside through which the pin tucks can ride as you sew the adjacent rows.


Category B/C machines there is a set of two feet, one 7 groove and one 5 groove.


Both feet are suitable for standard and corded pin tucks.


(A definite choice for decorative work.)

*Please note Category D is suitable for machine models - MC11000/11000SE/6600P/6500P/7700QCP/6019QC/6125QC & 620QC