Smarter by Pfaff 260c

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Be Smart. Be Original


What ever your passion is, fashion or home decoration, this sewing machine has what you need to express it. Let's begin a sewing adventure focused on you: Your uniqueness. Your passion. Your sewing.


Key Accessories


  • Direct Stitch Selection

You don’t have to search for a stitch, simply press the icon of the stitch you want to sew and start sewing.

  • Start/Stop function

Press the Start/Stop button to sew without the foot control. Makes sewing long seams, rows of decorative stitches, free-motion and buttonholes easy.

  • Needle Up/Down

Set the needle to stop up or down in the fabric for easy pivoting, appliqué and more.

  • Information System Display

See the selected stitch number and the recommended presser foot in the information system display.

  • Presser Foot up Safety

Your machine beeps and won’t let you sew when the presser foot is up.




Tie-off function

Press the tie-off button and your SMARTER BY PFAFF™ 260c will tie-off and stop automatically for a quick and easy finish.
  • Automatic Stitch Width and Stitch Length
When a stitch is selected, the best stitch length and width are set automatically. 
  • Hard Cover
Protects your sewing machine when transporting it and keeps it dust free.  
  • PFAFF® Original Presser Foot System

Five different presser feet are included for all your basic needs. SMARTER BY PFAFF™ 260c has a large assortment of optional presser feet. The PFAFF® Original Presser Foot System makes sure you can use the same presser feet on any PFAFF® machine.

  •  Integrated Needle Threader
The integrated needle threader makes threading fast and easy.
Included accessories
PRESSER FEET 0 - Standard presser foot 2A - Fancy stitch foot 3 - Blindhem foot 4 - Zipper foot 5B - One step Buttonhole foot

OTHER ACCESSORIES Bobbins (5) Felt pad Screwdriver for needle plate Multi-purpose tool Spool cap, large Spool cap, small Seam ripper & brush (as one) Edge/Quilting guide Auxiliary spool pin Foot control Power cord Needles Hard cover