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The Horn HILO – the table that’s taking the Sewing, Patchwork & Quilting community by storm. 


From first viewing what's immediately obvious is the quality and strength of its build, it has the same 1” inch thick table top as the STELLA unit this gives true support & strength when heavy duty use is required and it has a durable ABS knock resistant edge to put up with years of use. It’s finished with a hard wearing, fresh and tasteful Beech veneer, the main construction is of strong steel covered in a home friendly cream anti- bacterial powder coating to keep it clean & sterilised and its fitted with easy mobile lockable wheels, which again are of a commercial grade finish.


It is capable of adjusting from a comfortable sitting height of 70.5cm to a full 97.5cm standing height (approx), the overall work area is 102cm (40”) x 152.5cm (60”) something that will impress even the mightiest of its users. The height is adjusted simply by turning a crank handle which is situated on the side of the table, this crank adjustment has a high turn ratio which allows the user to smoothly and easily raise or lower the table even whilst weight is on it, be it a light project or even with heavier items such as sewing machine equipment. The hand crank system is simple but very effective, foolproof and extremely reliable with far less to go wrong, this will ensure years of trouble free service for which Horn has become renowned. But what if space is a problem? No problem, another great feature of the HILO is that it allows the table to tilt upwards out of the way so when not needed it can give back valuable floor space to your room, once up it can be used as a handy design wall.


Great table size; 60” by 40” Not just for sewing….ideal for photography, graphic work or any craft use.


MODEL 3005

The cutting/craft mat shown is not included


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