The Quilter's Delight

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It’s what you’ve been asking for and now here it is….


Introducing the New Quilter’s Delight Mk2.


You wanted:

• A large working area positioned all around you and able to support even the largest projects,

• A handy support to the right of the machine,

• A greater seating area,

• More drawer storage,

• A large flat area to cut out / piece on when the machine Is ways,

• Arrives with everything included for one unbeatable price,

• The ability to accommodate even the largest sewing machines,


It’s what you’ve been waiting for…. Order yours today!!


CLOSED - WIDE 127cm (50’’) DEEP 52cm inc. drop leaf back (20’’) HIGH 74cm (29”)


MODEL 2032

Price includes flatbed insert (The Cutting mat shown is not included)


Please note that this cabinet is very big and any stairs mounted will be at the driver’s discretion.


Delivery period of upto 28 days is a guide and can vary depending on stock availability, you will be advised when ordering as to the approximate delivery period to expect.